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Sears Printable Coupons

Sears Printable Coupons

$10 Sears Coupon ( June-25-2016 )
Print coupon for get discount $10 off $50+ Shoes for the Family at Sears. See coupon for more details.

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Sears Auto Center Rebates and Coupons! Here you will find coupons for oil changes, brake services, tires and more. See page for details.

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Sears is department store chain company that founded at the end of the 19th century. Sears was a leading retail shopping and become the must place to go for many people. Sears achieved success thanks to the famous catalog. Catalog was created to reach the buyers who are in distant places. At the beginning of the 20th century travel was difficult and Sears catalog became an effective tool for sales activities, the catalog contains all kinds of products they sold complete with its price. They sell everything, bicycles, sewing machines, clothing, appliance, up to the car. Catalog Sears was able to increase sales and make it a success. In 2004, Sears merged with Kmart into Sears Grands and add health and beauty, books, movies, home decor and baby care to their products with.

Times have changed, but Sears still rely on the catalog as a mean of sales promoting, only this time they make the physical catalog becomes thinner and make the more complete catalog which is website catalog. Sears continue making catalog as a characteristic. They also offer discounts and coupon that can be printed as has been done by competitors’ Walmart Printable Coupuns program. Through this coupon shoppers can also get free stuff or discounts for certain goods. This modern version of Sears catalog contains prices exactly same as at the stores, and people can browse and find what they need and make the shopping activity become easier.

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Sears has always tried to win the competition with other retail companies and try to make breakthroughs that can increase sales figures. The latest breakthrough is to launch Kardashian Kollektion into their clothing line. Their collections include women’s cloth, eyewear, accessories, bags, shoes and also underwears. Kardashian sisters are famous fashionable celebrities so their clothing collection hopefully can grab consumers’ attention and increase Sears sales significantly.